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Why A Short Trip To Nevada Can Be Outstanding

How many times have you been to the state of Nevada? You may have driven through on your way to California, or perhaps you were heading down from Oregon, going to Arizona. You may not have stopped for very long thinking that this was a very desolate place. However, it has quite a bit to offer, including some of the most beautiful deserts, and also protected areas of wilderness, that you will ever see. There is the bonus of the beautiful cities that you will see in Reno and Las Vegas. It’s also very close to places like Hoover Dam. You do need to spend more than a few days to truly appreciate everything that’s available. However, if you are only there for a couple, here is what you should be doing.

Stay In Las Vegas One Night

The best place for you to travel in Las Vegas is down the strip. You need to go right after dusk. This is when the city starts to light up, something that is so bright it can be seen in outer space. It’s incredible to think that all of this was so much smaller just three decades ago, and has grown into what amounts to be an amusement park city. There are replicas of national monuments, and hundreds of shows that are played at different locations, making this a city that will never be boring.

Stay In Henderson One Night

The next thing that you should do is travel a little south. You need to go to Henderson. There might not be the high caliber casinos that you will find in Vegas or Reno, but you will find a lot of things to do. From there, you can go to the Bowl of Fire, the River Mountain Loop Trail, and many other outdoor destinations. They even have museums that you can visit, and head over to Hoover Dam will take you only a few minutes.

The reason that some people believe that Nevada has nothing to offer with the exception of casinos is that they have simply not traveled around. There is Rachel Nevada which is a hub for people that believe in aliens, and there is also the Burning Man festival up by Pyramid Lake. By simply taking the time to travel around, and also look on the Internet to see where other people are going, you can plan your trip easily. It doesn’t take long to clearly see that Nevada has quite a bit to offer and that you may need to stay for several weeks to experience this beautiful place.