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Why Nevada Might Provide You With The Best Vacation Ever

Nevada is a state that is known worldwide, primarily for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is Las Vegas, a city that is popular in many countries, a beautiful city that has so much to offer. It is also known for the Burning Man festival, something that occurs north of Reno up north. However, there are many other things that you will be able to do if you book a vacation to this state which has many other tours.

Different Tours You Can Go On

Some of the places that you might want to go are not in the actual cities. There are state parks that you might want to venture into. Red Rock Canyon National Park is one that many people gravitate to. There is also the Valley of Fire State Park. If you do want to do something in the city, you don’t necessarily have to go on a tour. You can go on a ride. The largest Ferris wheel in the world, High Roller, is right off the strip in downtown Las Vegas.

How Do You Get Cheap Accommodations?

You can get very affordable accommodations. All you have to do is look for rooms that are associated with casinos. Not all of them are affordable, however. For instance, if you are going to stay at the Wynn Casino, you are going to pay top dollar, more than $100 a night. However, if you stay at Circus Circus, you can get rooms for about $40 a night which is very inexpensive. It also but you right on the strip so you won’t have to go far if you want to go out at night and truly experience the magical Las Vegas strip at night when it looks its best.

Although this state does not have any tall mountains, redwoods, or an ocean that you can swim in, it has all of these things and much more. The state parks, cities like Reno and Las Vegas, all make it the more worthwhile. You can also take tours of the Grand Canyon, allowing you to be picked up at your hotel, and brought back after you spend the morning and afternoon at this beautiful National Park. Find out today about how you can go to Nevada to experience all of this wonder at the lowest possible price.